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Forefront Global Logistics is proud to announce that they now provide full-service logistics solutions for the marble, granite, and stone industry.

Transporting and storing marble, granite, and stone can be quite a hassle. Although they are sturdy materials, the correct equipment and processes must ensure the product is not damaged.

Logistics Plus ensures the safety of your goods by meeting all of the necessary safety criteria and equipment to get the job done.

FGL Services

We ensure our drivers are trained in the specialized, specific loading methods for the marble, granite, and stone industry. From the loading process through delivery, our flatbed service is top-class.

We service companies across the globe with local deliveries using a variety of transportation methods involving A-frames. Our drivers have experience in single or multi-drop A-frame deliveries so that we can ensure smooth, daily operations to local or global wholesales, retailers, construction services, and more.

Depending on the huge range of quantities, Full Container or Less Than Container Load Ocean Freight can be the best option of transportation mode for your business. We assure of delivering efficient services such as tracking the shipment, working on data accuracy, and instructing shipping companies for paperless booking and shipping. We aim to provide improved and better services for you.

To ensure additional safety and security, our drivers can be equipped with rubber-gripped gloves for the loading and unloading processes.

To ensure additional safety and security, our drivers can be equipped with moving blankets and padding for the loading, unloading, and transportation processes.

Our market knowledge within the marble, granite, and stone industry allows us to better help you both project your transportation costs and aim to reduce costs through sustainable pricing for quanitity-driven deliveries.

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Presently FGL is a leading company in the logistics industry. We keep maintaining deadlines for shipment. Our expert execution of planning and warehouse management is ready to give you the best service at any time. FGL proudly serves through the digital platform also.

Deep Expertise

FGL has great skills in the Logistic industry. We take proper care of your shipment, and our expert team is ready to serve their innovative ideas to develop the entire process. We promise to process a shipment without delay.

Global Network

We have been working for a long time in the logistics industry, which helped us to develop a strong and broad network for our shipment. The global presence of FGL is the key to success for our entire supply chain.


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We take great pride to commit our word in every way possible. Whatever the obstacles, we ensure that the customers are happy. We learn from the different challenges thrown our way and are happy to serve you no matter what the circumstances.

Trust our networking system to make sure that you get the best from Forefront Global Logistics!

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